strategic analysts and planners!
looking for a fresh perspective on navigating the fundamental shift in european energy sector?
  • policy & market specialist towards the implementation of the EU energy transition process
  • regulative and technical implementation of new energy services
  • a multidisciplinary team – from environmental economics to industrial engineering to law
Excellent market and legislation knowledge and a best reliable European wide network allow us to consult you on how to meet the challenges of the European Union energy transition process. We can add an outside, knowledgeable and experienced perspective to your existing strategic planning process, supported by a wealth of data and other analytical resources known to us.

olivoENERGY´s mission is to brainstorm the european energy transition process with the best stakeholders of business, industry, policy.

We will be THE trusted independent partner for you designing an european energy regulations and market startegy for a successful european energy transition.

european, excellence-driven, independent and transparent

and of which we are really convinced

we can help you to turn a bet on the future into a sustainable strategy decision for your task


Alicia Carrasco


founder and CEO of olivoENERGY,
former director energy policy at EU Tesla, director regulations EMEA digital grid SIEMENS, director regulatory affairs eMeter and Standard & Poor’s energy analyst, executes olivoENERGY’s mission

movil + 34 667 086 920


Holger Malz


10 years lawyer practice in Germany, 8 years international experience in UK and Spain, manages olivoENERGY’s business strategy and vision and runs communication

movil +34 661 77 88 42


Ignacio Porto Olivares


industrial Engineer, runs the technical-operational
management. He surveys the
state of research and overlooks the
technical vision of the EU energy transition
for olivoENERGY.

movil +34 652 88 35 76

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we are looking for highly motivated, passionate individuals to join our team. We come from many disciplines and backgrounds. If you’d like to introduce yourself, please send a resume and cover letter to