want to unlock all market potential of your clean energy business?
positioning your business with us as your experienced and strongly strategic thinking partner


Special task and interventions

Whether it is just about brainstorming your middle and long-term business strategy, an expert assessment or intervention on a particular topic or assisting you in building an entire new business model – olivoENERGY’s experts will be your preferred choice to unlock your business’ market potential. Feel free to explain us your task without any economic commitment. We only will offer you our services if we are convinced that our involvement will bring profit to your business.

Improving relationship to your (potential) customers

We are experienced stakeholder manager. We work transparently and independently. Part of our job is to bring together different parties, to define common interests and to make them visible. For this we organise two parties person meetings as well as interdisciplinary workshops in order to explain the common topic to different shareholders. In the course of Industry 4.0, it is imperative that competitors work selectively on joint projects in order to keep up with the fast pace. We see ourselves as the logical interface in this environment.

Implementing your business’ regulations position or department

You already understood that best knowledge and analysis on both, European and national regulations are key to a long-term business development and strategy. With our proven and unique experience on this topic we can help you to find the solution that fits you best, form training your regulations officer and team to joining your team as an interim expert to supporting your team on a regular base by joining internal and external meetings as your regulations expert.

Landing your business in a European country – We will help you to get a grip on your new market

If you are looking for a partner in a European country to help you building relations or on sales issues / marketing, or, you are trying to get a partner who is as invested in all facets of your business as you are, we will aid you to find the partner that fits you best.

If you, on the other hand, are planning a joint venture, we have the capabilities to link you up to the right stakeholders to succeed together on a particular venture.

Buying a business in another country is usually the easiest way to enter a new market. If you need a hand for deal sourcing aid and due diligence, have a closer look to our M&A services!

Partnering up, planning a Joint Venture or buying a business, we will provide you with the extra knowledge you need to succeed with your project