need an objective check on regulatory intervention?

olivoENERGY has extensive experience in working with both EU and national regulators in Europe to provide research data, expert analysis, opinions and best in class recommendations in EU Energy market-related regulatory matters.

Regulations’ matter is olivoENERGY’s DNA. The complex regulations work has a highly increasing importance for policy strategy as well as for positioning your business. Market and regulations are both, main drivers for business’ prospects and social prosperity. If you are able to anticipate upcoming regulations, you will be on top of the market development. If you regulate the market smart, you will increase wealth for your citizens and set the right incentives for the market.

The heart of regulations in the sector follows the idea of the Energy Union, what means making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable for European citizen. Only overlooking the whole process from A to Z enables us to advocate a holistic approach for high quality. So how do we do?

Fueling the regulations process

With our response to EU and national consultations, we give impetus and fire the debate. On all stages of EU legislation, we are providing expert analysis, from drafting phase through legislation procedure to national and regional implementation process.

Expertise source for politics

We are providing our services to all democratic political parties as an independent adviser with not any political partisanship. Our expert opinions are only based on our analysis and knowledge. We do not create any dependent party opinions. Sometimes we hang integrity higher than a well payed job.

REFERENCE: Elaboration of the “Study on Aggregation of distributed energy resources. Obstacles and recommendations for a complete development of the market”

ACCO, the Catalan Department of Competition commissioned olivoENERGY to elaborate an impact assessment on barriers and potential of aggregation of distributed energy resources, based on EU and Spanish upcoming legislative scenarios.