need a stronger voice for your industry, both national and in Brussels?

stakeholders management to fire up the debate and increase your influence

In a diversified environment of interests within your industry, we will work with stakeholders to evaluate their primary needs and goals for future regulation. Sometimes it is the smartest decision for involved decisionmakers to bring in an independent and transparent stakeholder manager to start evaluating common interest and possible actions.

That is the moment olivoENERGY comes in. As a trusted partner, we have the ability to objectively and creatively define common ground and assemble all our partners at one table. With our profound market and industry knowledge we know your needs, concerns and your industry’s future opportunities. This enables a fact-based communication strategy especially towards regulators. Our stakeholder management will increase the visibility of your industry and strengthen your influence through a better presence in the debate.

A success story: In January 2018 olivoENERGY was asked by one of the most progressive utilities in Spain to organize a workshop about one of the hottest topics of the sector, aggregation and flexibility. This event became so successful that in its follow up event in April 2018 the foundation of the association entra aggregatcion y flexibilidad was announced. olivoENERGY, as one of the founders, is asked to lead the association as its executive arm. We will ensure its members a strong voice and a clear strategy towards regulators in Spain and Brussels.