need an objective look at the business environment and opportunities?

profit from our expert- and unbiased perspective

If you are considering a “new energy business-” merger or acquisition opportunity, we will provide your team, as an additional risk management layer, a knowledgeable and unbiased insight expert perspective on the business environment as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the opportunity under review. Our knowledge of industry trends and related regulations will augment your team’s ability to evaluate risks and opportunities and arrive at the best approach. Our M&A consulting service

• Due diligence – valuation of your project

Enhancing the quality of information available to you, we are putting your specific project in context with the existing and developing market, technology and legislation, pointing out perspective, models and sector trends. As an additional layer of your risk management, we are highlighting the existing and developing regulatory barriers of free market participation and enabling you an even better decision making.

• Deal sourcing

We have a profound network within the European industry, our job is to anticipate developments of the sector and we have a good idea what fits together well. With our industry-specific knowledge you will find the right investment that suits your strategy.

• Your inhouse education

Whether you need some specific market inside for a selected topic or you want to provide a solid grounding of the sector to your team: We offer you a variety of opportunities to improve your team’s knowledge profile.

You can expect from us an excellent market intelligence reports on demand, to get you to the cutting edge of knowledge, and inhouse seminars and workshops on selected topics to provide you and your leadership management team with everything they need to be up to date with market and regulations development.

As an example, we are asked to evaluating the market for acquisition opportunities by one of the big TSOs in Europe in order to adapt their long-term business strategy.