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Transform yourself into the utility of the future


OlivoEnergy clients are a broad cross selection of the sector: electric and gas distribution companies, generators and retailers. They are all facing an unprecedent technology and model challenge: Today consumers are not just demanding electricity, they are likely to become the central point of the power value chain. They demand better security and quality of supply, while cost competition is increasing. At the same time, consumers demand the right to generate, storage and control their own electricity or asking to be provided with “green” electricity and sustainable services. Embracing the new possibilities of digitalisation, they want to be able to control and monitor their devices and DERs at any time anywhere. Utilities have already begun to adapt their business models in order to meet consumer expectations. We are helping utilities not only to adjust WELCOMING this current development, but – anticipating NEW market developments – we are utilities’ partner in helping to develop a future market design, a sustainable “utility of the future-strategy”.

olivoENERGY’s CEO, Alicia Carrasco, will be an official ambassador of Spain for the Utility Week event, where she, as an industry expert for the “utility of the future”, will help the Utility Week to connect with the utility market and to provide the industry with the right content to navigate towards a successful energy transition. Each of the Utility Week ambassadors is an expert on a certain topic area and acts as a spokesperson for the event.