Alicia Carrasco participates in the book “The European Energy transition” writing a chapter about innovation

20 February, 2019

Alicia Carrasco, CEO olivoENERGY, has participated in the book “European Energy Transition: Actors, Factors and sectors”writing the chapter “innovative disruption in the electricity sector since 2010”

This comprehensive and timely book on the European energy transition has been written by Europe’s leading energy experts, and provides guidance for the incoming policy makers at a European level. It reflects on the latest policy developments, such as the Clean Energy for All Europeans package and the outcomes of the UN Climate Conference COP 24. 

The book analyses the factors driving change: where are we on climate and sustainability, competitiveness and market, and security of supply? It presents the actors: what genesis of and what contemporary institutions for European energy policy, how is energy addressed by the national and by the European; what about the active customer paradigm and the many startups and business models changing, as well as NGOs? It looks into sectors: power, gas, mobility and the powerful push from digitalization. It proceeds with a reality check, based on facts and figures and reflects on modelling. Edited by Susanne Nies the book is prefaced by Jacques Delors and sees contributions from distinguished authors from policy, research, industry and NGOs across Europe.

For more info about the book and how to get one please go to the following link