Alicia Carrasco, CEO of olivoENERGY, will participate in the next International Climate Action Congress

Alicia Carrasco will participate in the International Climate Action Congress, organized by the Fundación Empresa y Clima of which olivoENERGY is a core member.

Alicia will participate in the fourth round table of the congress which will deal with “Production, optimization and security in energy supply” moderated by Elvira Carles and in which she will share debate with Franc Comino, CEO of Sonnen Spain, Emili Rousaud, CEO of Factor Energía Franc and Juan Villar. General Manager of Nortegas. 

“My intervention will focus on the importance of the reform of the Electricity Market and the innovation needed to achieve the energy transition that will position Spain as a key geography for the European economy.”

Fundación Empresa y Clima is a non-profit organization that works for business leadership and commitment in the fight against climate change. Businesses are key to achieving the goals of decarbonization and we assume important commitments every day to meet the challenges of climate change. 

The energy transition is not only a necessity, but also one of the main challenges we face as a country. A global change that will not be possible without the involvement of all actors in the energy sector and the empowerment of citizens. But the energy transition is not only a challenge, it is also an opportunity for the business fabric of our country, since we have all the tools to lead the change of energy model in Europe.  

Last year the European Union was forced to take urgent measures due to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and the member states had to take decisions, in the direction and with the objective of achieving energy autonomy that would ensure energy supply, at a competitive price and without putting at risk the climate objectives set by the European Union. 

This is the reality that has inspired this round table in which experts from the sector will give the keys to achieve these objectives without jeopardizing the urgent energy transition that we must promote. 

Congratulations to the Fundación Empresa y Clima for positioning climate action in Spain by promoting the organization of this congress that will give us the key points for the COP 24 negotiations. An international meeting forum that takes on special importance at such an important moment for the energy sector.


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