Conclusions of olivoENERGY on the VIII Annual Energy Efficiency Conference organized by IEA

Niccolò Fattirolli and Ernesto Santos attended the 8th Annual Energy Efficiency Conference organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) where 3DEN's latest report was presented.

The report provides valuable guidance to policy makers to drive investments in smart and resilient grids and foster an enabling environment for innovative digital solutions, because the digitization of the electricity system is a global need and, as such, should not be addressed by each country individually. 

Some highlights from the different presentations

On the first day we can highlight the following ideas from the different presentations and round tables:

1. The digitization of grids is the first step to achieve the goals of decarbonization and net zero emissions.

2. We need to think about the policies and measures to be taken to complete the energy transition in the most efficient and least damaging way to the system.

3. Governments must be the first to take the initiative in wanting to change and channel investments, always taking into account the vision of participants and stakeholders. Rowing in the same direction.

4. International cooperation must take place so that no country is left behind and we can fight energy poverty.

5. Consumers have to be an asset of the system, therefore, we have to create programs that encourage and help their participation, this will greatly affect the reduction of energy prices to achieve energy efficiency in the system.

As a final conclusion of the session we emphasize that in this context we all have proposals and scenarios in which we can achieve an efficient energy transition, but the common element in all proposals is DIGITALIZATION, therefore, achieving smart grids is the priority.

To obtain a smart grid we have to focus on five fundamental steps:

a. Create vision: think about the objectives to be achieved and create a roadmap to achieve them.

b. Join the needs and barriers and use digital solutions to solve them.

c. Involve all stakeholders in the process.

d. Manage information from the beginning.

e. Study the cost-benefits.

An efficient system is characterized by flexibility, resilience, security and its level of decarbonization.

Digital technologies play a key role in integrating renewable energy, creating reliable grids and improving energy access.

Let’s seize these opportunities to accelerate the energy transition!

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