BALANCE OF POWER: An interactive film-based game about the smart energy future

3 octubre, 2018

USEF, the universal smart energy framework, is a foundation with the aim to contribute to the development of a common smart energy standard and shared EU framework to maximise the value of flexibility within a unified smart energy system.

The foundation have crated and interactive film-based game in which players can interact with the characters and understand the challenge that network operators will face, how aggregators might become an important player to overcome such a challenge and the importance of a regulation that ensure that commercial flexibility demand does not override system stability.

In this game, you are a journalist filming Energy Minister, Irene Jansen, on her road to Presidency. The process highlights some very real dilemmas about the future electricity system.

Alicia Carrasco, CEO of olivoENERGY and one of the external expert of USEF, supports this initiative which is very necessary to make consumers understand the new challenges ahead.