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Energy communities represent a key opportunity to put the citizen at the centre of the energy transition, making them the main drivers and they are here to stay. Renewable Energy Communities (REC) and Citizen Energy Communities (CEC) will be key to addressing the challenges of the energy transition.

Currently, 60% of the energy in the electricity mix comes from renewable sources, but only 1% is generated by citizens, which reveals the great potential of energy communities to involve consumers in the system and democratise the ecological transition.

At olivoENERGY we have been working with energy communities since the beginning, both with private companies and public entities. This experience gives us great added value in the work we do.

Discover the wide range of services that we offer for energy communities and the projects in which we have taken part.


Download the Energy Communities Services brochure (in Spanish) by clicking on the image and do not hesitate to contact the team for more information. 

We look forward to meeting you and finding out more about your projects!




We provide a comprehensive consulting service to understand the current state of the energy communities in Europe and Spain, covering technical, regulatory and economic aspects.


We draw up generic and specific statutes for different legal entities such as associations, cooperatives and non-profit limited companies.

Business Models

Development of specific business models around the figure of energy community for private companies.


We advise on the best investment options for the development of the activities of the energy community, seeking external sources of financing.


We streamline the process of setting up and constitution of the energy community, facilitating its establishment and efficient operation.


We contribute to the expansion of the energy community by providing solidity and security through effective dissemination, diffusion and communication strategies.

Members Recruitment

We identify and attract potential partners interested in collaborating and gaining the benefits of being part of the energy community.

Public-private Engagement

We identify and select the best partners that offer services and tools for the efficient management of the energy community.

European Projects

We carry out feasibility analyses for activities planned by the energy community, assessing their feasibility and potential impact. We draft, present and participate in European and national.


Use cases

Pamplona City Council

Participation in the EUCF project that develops energy communities in local neighbourhoods, helping to replicate in local areas with similar characteristics.

Business Models for companies

Development of more than a dozen specific business models around the figure of the energy community for private companies.

ECs Catalogue

Elaboration of a catalogue of companies that offer services and tools to energy communities at national level, for the OTC ECO Granada.

ECC El Prat

Support for the constitution of the Prat Citizen Energy Community, of which olivoENERGY is a member.

European Projects

Participation in European projects: EUCF, ReDREAM, REC4EU, etc.

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