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Renewables and self-compsuption

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Consulting service specialized in self-consumption and renewable energy regulation. Our deep knowledge of the regulation will provide you with the tools for its implementation in an agile way. From knowledge to execution in an instant.
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Regulation and trends in the energy transition

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We comprehensively analyze national and European regulations relevant to the energy transition, covering their timeline, repercussions and evolution, as well as the impacts that their modifications may have and anticipating future trends.
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Our specialized energy storage consulting service offers strategic guidance and cutting-edge solutions for this key vector in the energy transition. Our expert knowledge of the regulations will give you the keys to self-sufficient management of your energy resources.
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Energy Communities

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360° analysis of the characteristics, potential, deployment and application of energy communities, for their creation and development, from design to implementation.
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Government Affairs

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Expert government policy and regulatory consulting services. Get strategic insights and tailored solutions to ensure compliance, drive advocacy and effectively navigate the ever-evolving landscape of government affairs.
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Accelerate the decarbonization of your industrial organization with our specialized consulting services, strategic insights and tailored solutions to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, accelerating the path to zero carbon emissions.
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Next-generation DSO and smart grids

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Expert consulting service tailored to DSOs. Regulatory analysis to optimize operations for efficiency, reliability and future-proofing.
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Demand flexibility and aggregation

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As Technical Secretariat of the Spanish Association ENTRA Aggregation and Flexibility, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the current situation as well as of the future perspectives regarding the transcendence and advantages inherent to its full implementation.
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Our clients

Let’s get inspired

Alicia Carrasco, CEO of olivoENERGY, talks to Manuel Sánchez, member of the Fleishman Hillard Advisory Board in Brussels.

Smart Energy Leaders

by Alicia Carrasco


Short and crisp

From Malaga to the heart of the European electricity market

In April 2018, around the desk of an apartment in the Málaga neighborhood of Soho, Alicia Carrasco, a consultant with more than two decades of experience in the field of energy market regulation, was stamping her signature on the registration document that made official the registration of her next project: the European Energy Consultancy olivoENERGY.

Ernesto Santos, Junior Project Manager at olivoENERGY attended the Green Cities and S-Moving that took place in the city of Málaga last week. We leave you a summary of his analysis on the topics that different experts of the sector dealt with in this very interesting meeting.
Our CEO Alicia Carrasco will give a talk on 'Conscious and sustainable energy consumption' in the framework of the micro-presentations on sustainability and climate change.
Niccolò Fattirolli and Ernesto Santos attended the 8th Annual Energy Efficiency Conference organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) where 3DEN's latest report was presented.
The Spanish Clean Energy Forum FEL2050, held last January in Malaga, was an opportunity for the most relevant players in the energy sector in Spain and Europe to meet.

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