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Future-proof your innovations
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At olivoENERGY, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are a business looking to optimize energy efficiency or looking for new business models, or a public entity aiming to reduce carbon emissions, our team of experienced consultants is here to guide you every step of the way.

We understand that navigating the world of energy can be complex but with our expertise we make easy for you to make informed decisions that benefit both, your business and the environment.

For more information on how we can help you to achieve your energy goals, contact us.

Your energy future starts here!

Regulation and trends in the energy transition

We comprehensively analyze national and European regulations relevant to the energy transition, covering their timeline, repercussions and evolution, as well as the impacts that their modifications may have and anticipating future trends.

Government Affairs

Expert government policy and regulatory consulting services. Get strategic insights and tailored solutions to ensure compliance, drive advocacy and effectively navigate the ever-evolving landscape of government affairs.

Demand flexibility and aggregation

As Executive Manager of the Spanish coalition ENTRA Aggregation and Flexibility, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the current situation as well as of the future perspectives and advantages to its full implementation.

Next-generation DSO and smart grids

Expert consulting service tailored to DSOs. Regulatory analysis to optimize operations for efficiency, reliability and future-proofing.


Our expert knowledge of the regulations will give you the strategic guidance for this key vector in the energy transition,


Accelerate the decarbonization of your industrial organization with our specialized consulting services, strategic insights and tailored solutions to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, accelerating the path to zero carbon emissions.

Energy Communities

360° analysis of the characteristics, potential, deployment and application of energy communities, for their creation and development, from design to implementation.

Renewables and self-consumption

Consulting service specialized in self-consumption and renewable energy regulation. Our deep knowledge of the regulation will provide you with the tools for its implementation in an agile way. From knowledge to execution in an instant.


We are collaborating with the OTC granted to the Oficina Provincial de Energía, Diputación Granada in producing a catalog of companies specialized in solutions for Energy Communities nationwide.

This catalog will include the main Spanish companies that work with Energy Communities in any aspect: consulting, project installation, mobility, advocacy, digital platform developer, energy communities management, etc.

If you want your company to be included in the catalog, do not hesitate to send us an email and we will explain in more detail how you can participate.

Some of our clients

Let’s get inspired

Alicia Carrasco, CEO of olivoENERGY, talks to Manuel Sánchez, member of the Fleishman Hillard Advisory Board in Brussels.

Smart Energy Leaders

by Alicia Carrasco


The utilities of the future

by Alicia Carrasco


The urgent need to decarbonise and degasify heat consumption

Short and crisp

olivoENERGY adheres to the Manifesto #AquíEstánEllas promoted by Eje &Con which supports the initiative #DóndeEstánEllas of the European Parliament Office in Spain.
The different panels that took place during the day left interesting conclusions that we summarize in this post.
The Council of Europe has adopted the new Renewables Energy Directive to raise the share of renewable energy in the European Union.
Our colleague Ernesto Santos Vallejo, Energy Transition Analyst at olivoENERGY, has been in the first day of the Congreso Nacional de Industria y Pymes and gives us a summary of the most important points discussed by experts in the different energy panels.


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