Net Zero: the industry of the future

Our colleague Ernesto Santos Vallejo, Energy Transition Analyst at olivoENERGY, has been in the first day of the Congreso Nacional de Industria y Pymes and gives us a summary of the most important points discussed by experts in the different energy panels.

This week the industry meets in Málaga!

We have two important events: the Congreso Nacional de Industria y Pyme organized by the Ministerio de Industria Comercio y Turismo  and the Industry Days, the EU flagship annual event dedicated to European industry. 

Our colleague Ernesto Santos, Energy Transition Analyst at olivoENERGY, has been in the first day of the National Congress of Industry and gives us a summary of the most important points discussed by experts in the different energy panels:

  • It is essential that industries embark on the process of decarbonization to maintain their relevance in the Spanish context.
  • Fortunately there are more than one solution to decarbonize industry, we count: green hydrogen, renewable energies, energy storage, CO2 capture, transport and storage, as well as the adoption of more sustainable and less polluting materials.
  • Emissions must be reduced gradually, we cannot decarbonize overnight. It is therefore essential that all industrial companies develop coherent plans with achievable and ambitious targets.
  • During the discussion, we heard the perspective of the private sector, represented by companies from the construction sector (cement companies), who pointed out that this industry contributes 7% of global pollutant emissions. This reinforces the need to decarbonize all viable industrial processes and, where this is not possible, to implement CO2 capture solutions.
  • In Spain, there is considerably advanced technology for efficient CO2 capture, with applications such as biomethanol production.
  • From the public sector point of view, mention is made of PERTE ERHA, which mobilizes 7 billion euros to support industry in its transition process towards decarbonization.
  • The three fundamental pillars for the future of Spanish industry are: reducing emissions, being globally competitive, and being autonomous

Europe seeks to achieve Net Zero carbon neutrality in industry by 2050, but we are surprised that many companies maintain the goal of achieving it in 2030.


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