The Spanish Clean Energy Forum, organized by olivoENERGY, positions Spain as an accelerator of the energy transition.

The Spanish Clean Energy Forum FEL2050, held last January in Malaga, was an opportunity for the most relevant players in the energy sector in Spain and Europe to meet.

Nearly five years as a reference in the energy sector

This congress was founded by olivoENERGY in 2019 with a strategic and innovative approach becoming a reference in the energy sector. According to Alicia Carrasco, CEO of olivoENERGY and promoter of FEL2050, “this year the Forum has been a great opportunity because of the moment the sector is going through characterized by the energy crisis, the deployment of renewable generation and new business models”.

Keys to the present and future of the energy sector

The conference brought together one hundred leaders of the Spanish and European energy sector was an opportunity to discover the keys to boost the energy transition in our country and in Europe. The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, together with Josep María Salas, Director of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), opened the way to the panels in which the keys to the development of the energy transition as well as tools and opportunities to advance in this process were addressed.

The day was structured in three panels: the first panel “The moment of the European Union” had the ambition to prepare the ground from the perspective of the European Union, identifying solutions to the challenges we face and to which we will have to respond in order to achieve the short and long term objectives, as well as addressing the future design of the electricity market. 

The second panel focused on our country: “Vision of the Spanish Energy Sector” in which institutions and companies will provide an overview of the Spanish energy system, identifying our needs as a country and where we should be heading. Framing the debate we talked about our needs towards the 2050 energy transition with a focus on renewables and decarbonization. This was followed by the debate in which the keys that will position Spain as an accelerator of the energy transition in Europe were given. 

And finally the panel “Tools and opportunities for acceleration” was the opportunity to learn from the most innovative companies in the energy sector the latest opportunities that the energy transition offers in the field of new business development.

EDISON Next, focused its presentation “Towards the energy metamorphosis” on the challenges and tools to achieve decarbonization; Tecnoambiente, on the other hand, focused on the specific challenges involved in the decarbonization of ports and expanded its presentation talking about taxonomy and green finance. The attendees also had the opportunity to try ‘in situ’ the demonstration of the software that Palantir talked about in its presentation “Building the digital network: the role of software in the resilience of the network”. FI Group, for its part, identified the different project financing opportunities that the sector can access. 

We cannot forget the consumer, a key ally in achieving the objectives of decarbonization and sustainability, and therefore the closing speech was given by Marine Cornelis, with a presentation focused on exposing the citizen perspective in the process of energy transition. 

All eyes in the energy sector were on this year’s edition of the Spanish Clean Energy Forum FEL2050, the key event to drive the energy transition and successfully meet the challenges of the future.  

From olivoENERGY we would like to thank the attendance and participation of all the people who joined us in this edition of FEL2050. Special mention and our thanks to speakers and panelists for their generosity and involvement sharing their experience, knowledge and reflections.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of FEL 2050!


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