olivoENERGY present at the Green Cities and S-Moving event in Málaga

Ernesto Santos, Junior Project Manager at olivoENERGY attended the Green Cities and S-Moving that took place in the city of Málaga last week. We leave you a summary of his analysis on the topics that different experts of the sector dealt with in this very interesting meeting.


In Spain, we have a public charging infrastructure capable of supporting the current vehicle fleet, but in order to meet the ambitious PNIEC objectives in the future, it is necessary to expand it.

Several Charging Point Operators (CPOs) pointed out that Spain still has administrative barriers and delays in the procedures with distributors to put charging points into operation. Therefore, solutions such as a one-stop shop and a reduction of paperwork are proposed, as they currently face delays of up to two years.

Málaga continues as a pioneer city in sustainable mobility, continuously renewing its fleet of combustion public buses by hybrids and electric, betting on #innovation and research with cutting-edge projects.


In Andalucía, we face an important challenge: guaranteeing water availability for agriculture. Currently, 80% of water use in the region is for agriculture, 15% urban and 5% industry, having measured losses of almost 20%, of which 11% are technical issues and 9% due to evaporation. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate innovative technology that helps to reduce these losses to the maximum and we take advantage of water in a higher percentage.


Renewable fuels play a key role in decarbonization, complementing other technological solutions. Combining these fuels with electric vehicles and green hydrogen offers the opportunity to reduce polluting emissions generated by industries that impact our cities. Currently, 10% of the fuel refueled in Spain comes from renewable sources. We need to continue investing in the development of new technologies such as green hydrogen to reduce its price and make it competitive in the market.

From olivoENERGY we remain committed to support all these solutions to boost together the sustainability of our cities and advance in the energy transition in the most efficient and dynamic way.


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